by Sam Isaac

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Matt Anderson
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Matt Anderson I found Sam Isaac through the TV series Chuck and quickly fell in love. I love every song on this album! Favorite track: Bears.
Matthew McKenzie
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Matthew McKenzie It has a song from Chuck. And is very twee. Favorite track: Bears.
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Produced by Dan Swift in London in the summer of 2008.


released June 22, 2009

All tracks written by Sam Isaac.

This record was made by:

Sam Isaac
Simon Bray
Jonathan ‘Burt’ Hill
Ian Nimmo-Smith
Hywel Pothecary
Matt Randall

Stephen Davidson, Sophie Galpin and Rod Thomas sang on lots of different songs.
Sebastian and Barney Philpott played trumpet and trombone on “Berlin.”
Luke Leighfield played piano on “Fire Fire.”
Strings arranged by Alice Howick and Jonathan ‘Burt’ Hill.
Jae Yoo (violin), Juliet Lee (violin), Jess Bray (violin), Rob Ames (Viola) and Jonathan ‘Burt’ Hill (cello) played on “Sideways,” “Berlin” “I Traded My Friends For You,” and “What Good Did That Do?”

Published by Reverb.
Produced by Dan Swift. Recorded at Superswiftsound, London for Z Management.
Assisted by Steve Brown and Matt Brown.

Artwork by Cameron Steward at


all rights reserved


Track Name: Bears
I want to live in a house surrounded by snow and bears and wood and stars. And all along the front of this stage there will be fairy lights, as bright as any city night. I was lost in the night time. How am I a stranger to you when we’re friends? I am young and I’ve made awful mistakes. You are older and you’d do the same. This dashboard is staying cold. I’m so scared of the truth and automatic doors. I’m proud of this map I’ve drawn. These paper lines with red pins on. We’re going to tell it just how it is. We’re not comfortable. We’re unhappy here.
Track Name: Come Back Home Tonight
You tied yourself to college ground and testing tubes of love. You found her waiting in the avenue for other boys who were not you. I took you to my favourite place. I cracked the ice with rocks. I said that no-one would be championed as much as you by me my friend. In colour, in black and white. In records we both like. Oh how we dream that everyone else here will disappear. Come back home tonight. Never was enough for you.
All caught up by the things you do. Always have been. I slept amongst the pots and plants. A drunken try at elegance. The kids all in the neighbourhood were colour-coded off to school. How could you be the answer to the complicated sums I drew from violins and casting calls? The fear is bouncing off the walls. And there cannot be a part of me that wasn’t broken when you found me. Cast your bottles out in the sea.
Track Name: Fire Fire
Electric hurts, don’t touch it dear. I was getting better, I was getting better. You know my heart’s not in control. Fire, fire, fire, the door today. I was getting better, I was getting better. You know my outside’s in control. If we can’t set fire to anything, then what’s the point of being scared? If we can’t set fire, you can’t set fire. If we can’t set fire, you can’t set fire to me. I heard the end, today you go. I’ve already said goodbye and I know that life was taking its toll. When there’s nothing left you know. I thought the night, I slept the day. I’m a thousand miles away and I didn’t know for days. I am cold. And my outside’s in control. So I hide this holiday and wait here on my own. With the kids in Montreal because that’s the place to go. Have you ever escaped from your conscience and your phone? I was trying to do this on my own.
Track Name: Sticker, Star and Tape
I went out to try and make a history of being brave. I knew I’d see her walk in hat, scarf and gloves. Unity says that cards are best. But I keep my headlines close to my chest, yes! In this modern age, when love’s not a race, you can sticker, star and tape your way to it. So boys get broke and try and make a mends with pens and masking tape. Sebastian, Sebastian, no!
Track Name: Annie, Why Are You So Angry?
I start the summer at the bottom of the heap. Avoiding the old friends that I’m bound to meet. The voice from the showground PA. Chopping the wood and getting the pay. This is my car, and you’re not here. This is my show, and you’re not here. It’s all my fault, and you’re not here. I want you, but you’re not here. I’m talking about making a change. Getting out of this heartache phase. Choreographed by friends we knew. I love her more than she thinks I do. Annie, why are you so angry? I’ll call you tonight. I creep just like the solar eclipse. Fireworks shooting from clouds underneath. And we practice. Yeah, we’re making a play. Getting closer every day. We’re stars and we’re link leads. The sound when Mario wins. We’re dumb and you’re in my hood. I’ll call you. I know I should.
Track Name: Sideways
We’ll get bicycles. Ride down hills to the river with friends and light candles in tin cans. Go on big wheels with stomachs in cartwheels. Do kissing on cameras and walk till our feet hurt. Sit out in the pouring rain because it’s years since we spoke or we sat down and talked out our past lives or how we’d change the world. Alone, in the back seat with a satellite. And the telephone to tell you that it wouldn’t last. We caught the last train to Bayshore, faces pressed on glass. When I awoke alone in the empty concourse I knew that it couldn’t last. It never lasts. We’ll get overcome with distance and sideways glances in cinemas and taxis. And get stuck with ex-loves in a condo in a city where it’s so cold you can’t speak. And feel so tired, yet so proud, of everyone we know. We’ll get bicycles. Ride down hills to the river with friends. Light candles in tin cans with the trickling sound. I could have been in bare feet the loneliest boy in that town.
Track Name: Berlin
Andrea sits in the diner at three. Ordering poutine, waiting for me. Katherine works in the gallery and we walk home under bridges made for you and me. I’ll be out tonight if you can offer me more than powder for passion and a diet routine. This city built its majesty in like a century. We found love in a bar in town. We drank too fast, we talked too loud.
On the very edge of everything we built to last, we settled down. We kept our promise, we didn’t look back. We took that plane. You went to work. I’ll see you in Berlin. Piling boxes and books up by the stairs. At the weekend she comes and packs up what’s hers. I listen to Stars and stumble down Bank for hours. So lets go out tonight with our best friends at our side. You bought a sentiment, bottled it gold. We drive for hours in silence or alphabet lines. Entirely emptied of courage and cold. When love’s not living it’s impossible to find. As the beeps slow to static she silently cries. I read of her loss and then get on with my life. I hold Amy at night as the patterns divide. I’m going to speak to my brother and try reconcile this time.
Track Name: I Traded My Friends For You
We met at the foot of a single bed at a party we weren’t at. We danced to the worst songs while our friends shut doors and left us alone. Our first kiss outside your house and the night that’s gone tonight. Darling, I love you. And I chased it, I wasted, I traded my friends for you. In Canada we’re safe in scarves from every single traded heart. If you never understand I will never understand. If you asked me then the truth hurts less with you. On cold floors and back seats. Darling, this thing you’ve done to me. We’re starting every day as if it’s the first. I chased it, I wasted, I traded my friends for her. “Time is telling and everyone’s alone.” Do you remember when I told you that? I couldn’t be more wrong. The awful loss. The sickly cost when you choose someone whose heart is lost. If you look at her and see someone else. If first love lasts and nothing else. In Canada we’re safe in scarves. We talk real slow and brace our hearts. We met at the foot of a single bed.
Track Name: Carbon Dating
On the corner, in the street. Terrace blocks, like a tardis. If I could make a gift for you, round black plastic, etched with truth. Don’t want to lose the hope youth brings. It’s got the power of an empty glass. Tears that fall on dirty clothes. Letter signed with an autograph. Come on, look at you. Can you hear the papers hum? Turned hype into violence. How does it feel to be “in it?” Where’s my generation? I lie every second day just to feel safe. How can the act be perfect when you control it? Come on, look at you.
I’d carbon date it just to make sure. Because you patented what I stood for. In panic I switched my head and heart around. Sticking with hope that’s worth as much as a credit card or a hand me down.
Track Name: Calendar
Calendar, wait for me. You kicked my heart through autumn leaves and I wonder how long until I see that I was wrong to leave? Calendar, carefully. I turn the pages patiently and I watch us collide. Sleep talking right through night to me. I was packing up my things, about to leave. Collapse into your quarterlies. Or change your mind like you are me. Our future’s all I see. Calendar, I watched the years. Trading glances with my fears.
And you hold us in art. Pull the corners all apart for me. June left the party. She couldn’t believe that the cars were all gone as she walked down the street. She thought “love was a calendar given to me at the end of the year.” June left the party. She couldn’t believe as the 2am sky whispered “wait patiently.” “Love was a calendar given to me at the end of the year.”
Track Name: What Good Did That Do?
So I asked you what you’d done for me in the last six months. You said you made me a scrapbook of your day. Well it took the breath right out of me. Like rejection of my family. I put the phone down. Put my arms around my chest. Well, baby what’s it worth?
All the talking to make it better. All the drinking to loosen my tongue. What good did that do? Knocking at your door to find you asleep. In the morning when we were kissing and I was thinking that this was the last time. What good did that do? So write a letter or write a song. With my cousins listening at the door. It’s too late now to make apologies.

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