Sticker, Star and Tape EP

by Sam Isaac

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Released 22.9.08 on Alcopop! Records. Recorded with Dan Swift in London in May 2008. Carousel For Three recorded by Joe Bennett at Truck Studios in Oxford.


released September 22, 2008

Sam Isaac – guitar, vocals.
Simon Bray – drums, glockenspiel.
Stephen Davidson – vocals.
Jonathan ‘Burt’ Hill – cello, glockenspiel, piano, synth, vocals.
Luke Leighfield – piano.
Ian Nimmo-Smith – guitar.
Hywel Pothecary – bass.
Matt Randall – guitar, organ, synth, vocals.


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Track Name: Sticker, Star and Tape
I went out to try and make a history of being brave. I knew I’d see her walk in hat, scarf and gloves. Unity says that cards are best. But I keep my headlines close to my chest, yes! In this modern age, when love’s not a race, you can sticker, star and tape your way to it. So boys get broke and try and make a mends with pens and masking tape. Sebastian, Sebastian, no!
Track Name: Fire Fire
Electric hurts. Don’t touch it dear. I was getting better. I was getting better. You know my heart’s not in control. Fire, fire, fire. The door today. I was getting better. I was getting better. You know my outside’s in control. If we can’t set fire to anything, then what’s the point in being scared? If we can’t set fire, you can’t set fire. If we can’t set fire, you can’t set fire to me. I heard the end. Today you go. I’ve already said goodbye and I know that life was taking its toll. When there’s nothing left you know. I thought the night, I slept the day. I’m a thousand miles away and I didn’t know for days. I am cold. And my outside’s in control. So I hide this holiday. And wait here on my own. With the kids in Montreal. Because that’s the place to go. Have you ever escaped from your conscience and your phone? I was trying to do this on my own.
Track Name: Annie, Why Are You So Angry?
I start the summer at the bottom of the heap. Avoiding the old friends that I’m bound to meet. The voice from the showground PA. Chopping the wood and getting the pay. This is my car, and you’re not here. This is my show, and you’re not here. I creep just like the solar eclipse. Fireworks shooting from clouds underneath. And we practice. Yeah, we’re making a play. Getting closer every day. This is my car, and you’re not here. This is my show, and you’re not here. It’s all my fault, and you’re not here. I want you, but you’re not here. I’m talking about making a change. Getting out of this heartache phase. Choreographed by friends we knew. I love her more than she thinks I do. Annie, why are you so angry? I’ll call you tonight. We’re stars and we’re link leads. The sound when Mario wins. We’re dumb and you’re in my hood. I’ll call you. I know I should.
Track Name: Numbers and Lines
Lover, I’m lost. This old routine. I tried for so long. I knew that it was wrong to find you and make a start. Trembling in the dark. Debris and playing cards. For her. Waiting hurts. I already know, when love’s not returned, where the time goes. You stared at me across the floor. I know that it was hard for you to do what you wanted to. In sticky shoes. In yellow and blue. You knew. Colour me in. I’m numbers and lines. Its 4am and I will always wonder why I called you and led you on. The figure at the lights. My thoughts they divide. I’m gone.
Track Name: Carousel For Three
Collect courage. I see us as a two, when the only thing between me and you is gone. Collect courage. I stop you on the street. As alarm bells ring and the echoes from our feet collide. I would always wonder. What could I be? I’m standing on the edge of a carousel for three. Sitting on milk crates behind the hotel. As you work out who to love and I start to shut you out. Caress. Trouble. Oh brother, when you’re cross and bright white plastic litters the floor. Oh no. And you love her. And the cost is either stained in glass or pills in a box for you.

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